How to Create a Healthy Home Space—And Why You Really Should

By: Annie Daly

Published: April 01, 2019

What all of this comes down to is that if you are trying to live as healthy a life as possible, it’s not just about your typical diet, fitness, and meditation advice. You need to factor your home environment into the mix, too! As you now see, keeping your home clean isn’t just about reeling in those #organizationalporn likes on Instagram. Our society has become obsessed with cleanliness because we need to be. Marie Kondo is super popular because we need her right now; it is a woman-meets-moment situation. In a world filled with an abnormal amount of distractions—distractions that are only going to increase with time, by the way—it’s more important than ever to find inner peace among the chaos. And one very doable way to do that is to make your home work with you, and for you.

So this month, in the name of all things Spring cleaning, up your wellness game by turning your home into your sanctuary. Your retreat. Toss away the stuff that doesn’t “spark joy.” Bring in tons of green, earthy plants. Invest in a trickling, zen waterfall. Burn all of the palo santo and the smudge sticks and the incense. Re-organize your kitchen so that you are a person who keeps apples on the counter. Do whatever you need to do to make your home feel relaxing, like your own personal boutique wellness hotel. Strive to be one of those people who describes your home as a restorative place, a zen place. In the end, remember, a healthy home really does lead to a healthy mind and body—so in the name of all things healthy living, please go tackle that sock drawer.