Having worked out with many trainers through the years, this has been my best experience yet. From the start, training was always personalized based on my goals and limitations (CrossFit injuries from the past). I have made steady progress in the six months I have worked with Erika, and I look forward to continuing to train with BACH in the future.


I have been pleased with every aspect of service. Joe has been quick to respond from the time I submitted my first inquiry, to occasionally checking in to ensure I remain satisfied with everything. Erika is AWESOME! She pushes me in just the way I need to be, is incredibly friendly and professional, and very knowledgeable. All this, with the convenience of the service coming to you. Can’t beat it.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about BACH. I have PCOS and as a result, losing weight has been tougher than for most people. I’ve tried various trainers and other exercise regimens over the years. Nothing worked and nothing could help keep me motivated. Fast forward finding BACH. Erika from BACH was so thoughtful, easy to talk to, and dedicated to setting me up with a trainer that could work best with me. I was so focused on getting my health and fitness back on the track to wellness. Even during my surgery and hospitalization, Erika sent me text messages that gave me motivation and support. Truly, once I got clearance to workout, I was set up with BACH expert, Ashley, who in one word is AWESOME. She has PCOS too, so she’s able to give me tips about eating a clean diet that’s good for PCOS sufferers. As someone who thought they hated to workout, thanks to BACH and Ashley, I genuinely look forward to post-workout soreness.


I turned to BACH after having my first child. I found it difficult to get motivated to head to my spin classes and because I’m a full time working mom, I didn’t want to sacrifice even another hour outside the home & miss more time with my little girl. I did a yelp search to see if there was a personal trainer who would be willing to come to my home, before my daughter wakes up, so I could get my w/o in early and still spend the morning with her before heading to work. Found BACH, reached out and immediately received a call from Joe who listened to my needs and paired me with an amazing woman near my house. She comes 2 to 3 times a week and I squeeze in spin on the weekends. I absolutely love her, love my workouts and though I’m not at my goal wait, I feel so much stronger, my back doesn’t hurt when I lean over to pick my now 20lb baby out of her crib or the bath, my knees don’t hurt anymore and I have much more energy when I get home from work allowing me to chase my girl around the house and play before bath time. My husband can see the transformation has made me a happier mom and wife & the money is pretty much in line as if I hired a trainer at a gym, BUT those trainers don’t come to your home. Those trainers don’t understand if you need to switch days at a moments notice because you got only 2 hours of sleep because your baby is teething. Those trainers don’t show up on your birthday with a gift or ask to see photos of your trip home for the holidays. It’s been an amazing experience, I highly recommend BACH and wish I could share this with every new mom!


Unbelievably easy to work with, incredible trainers, and a fantastically easy booking process! Couldn’t speak more highly of Joe and BACH.


BACH provides five-star, concierge service to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Book BACH, and fitness experts come to you, when you want them. We will bring everything needed for sessions that transform your life–and lifestyle.

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