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Get in touch today and we’ll craft the best program unique to you.


Get in touch today and we’ll craft the best program unique to you.


Where do you want to meet up? Our team members are all over the city and can come to whatever place is best for you and your schedule.

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BACH manages a roster of experts across three wellness categories: Private Training, Yoga, Pilates. Each expert is nationally accredited in their field, elite athletes, and most have earned higher education degrees. Each
BACH expert will motivate you to be your best.

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Raised in NYC

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If it has ever taken you three hours to mail a package, check out at a grocery store and take a local train less than two miles, then you’ve probably lived in New York City. Convenient place to live? Most definitely. Most convenient place to get around? Not all the time. That’s why our trainers are stationed throughout all five boroughs, ready to bring the workout to you, where and when it works best with your schedule and unique lifestyle.

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You stay right where you are. We owe special thanks to Waze and podcasts. Let us navigate traffic while you sip coffee and breathe. We have pro trainers deployed throughout the city, ready to bring the workout to you, where and when it works best with your schedule and lifestyle.

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San Francisco has got it all. A great city, a coast, a bay, hiking–and do you get out and enjoy it? BACH experts will create a specialized workout for your home, or preferred location, whenever you have the time. On a sunny day, you can workout in Golden Gate or any nearby park. On a cold windy day, you can workout at home. You say when and where, and BACH will be there.

Become the best you with our personal training, yoga, Pilates, and nutrition services. We will introduce you to a trainer who will help you reach your goals with a personalized plan.


Personal Trainers in Los Angeles

Personal trainers have become popular in the area of Los Angeles in
recent years. There are even some who have their own YouTube channels
or television shows that document their client’s weight loss journeys. It
even seems that more people are starting to appreciate and utilize the
benefits that one can get out of availing of the services of personal
trainers. Everyone knows how important coaches and trainers can be to
their athletes, and many can be regarded as inspiring. But do you really
need a personal trainer so that you can achieve your fitness goals? How
can a personal trainer in Los Angeles help you?
Getting a personal trainer can help you lose weight, get in shape, and
achieve whatever fitness goals you may have. Below are five reasons to
hire a personal trainer:

1. They Can Motivate You

Exercising on your own can be boring, and you having to work out every single
day can easily lose a person’s momentum and interest. Having a personal
trainer can keep you going, and it will lessen the possibility of you losing steam.
This is because a personal trainer can keep you motivated by encouraging you
and supporting you in order for you to succeed.

2. They Make You Workout Consistently

Another challenge one can encounter when working out on one’s own is
that it will be easy to slack off. Even if you set your alarm early in the
morning, your bed will always seem and feel cozy leaving you too lazy to
get out. Sometimes, you may really want to exercise, but you might not
have gotten enough sleep the night before. When you have a personal
trainer, you can get the feeling of accountability. The feeling of having
someone wait for you will not be a good one, and one will easily feel bad
by backing out the last minute. This will leave you with more consistent

3. A Fitness Program Just for You

Although fitness videos or articles may have some of the best exercise
options, they will not be fit for everyone. If you want something that will
generate sure results, then you may want to consider a personal trainer. A
personal trainer will plan your exercises according to the results that you
want. They will create a fitness plan or program just for you, targeting your
exercise goals and needs.

4. A Trainer Can Help You Overcome Physical, and Emotional Blocks

Attaining your fitness goals will not be easy. There are physical limitations
and emotional blocks or problems. Aside from making sure that you won’t
get injured, trainers can help you overcome of the hardest challenges so
that you can reach your goals.
What Should You Look For?
If you are considering getting a personal trainer from Los Angeles, then it is also
important to know the qualities you should be looking for in a trainer. Below are
some of the things you should consider before hiring one:
Check their credentials. Make sure they have some sort of
Ask about their length of experience.
Make sure that their kind of experience is in line with the kind of
fitness goals that you want to attain.
Ask about their coaching style. Check if it will fit your personality.
Make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest fitness news and
research, and make sure that they apply it to their teaching style.