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Will BACH provide a customized cardio program?

Yes. Our team of experienced fitness trainers will work with you to design a personally customized cardio program. Our cardio programs will focus on improving your cardiovascular health, endurance, stamina, and V02 max without overtraining. If you currently have a cardio program, we will provide expert insight to potential areas where cross training or active recovery will allow you to perform better.

If I am new to exercise or just getting back into it, can I benefit from working with a BACH trainer?

Yes, in fact a large percentage of our clients are either brand new to exercise or haven’t exercised in many years. Working with a BACH trainer will not only provide accountability, but will also help you set a pace for your fitness goals in which you do not start off too strong and then burn out or injure yourself to the point of needing an extended period of rest. Our team’s goal is to create a program for you that meets you where you are, so that exercise becomes an enjoyable habit. We send our professional trainers to you so that you don’t have to choose between obligation and exercise.

How do I select the right trainer at BACH?

Our team of professional trainers are certified experts in their fields, each with unique specialties and personalities. Contact us for more information and we will match you with the best trainer on our team for your needs and goals.

What is a BACH trainer?

A BACH trainer is a nationally certified personal trainer with deep experience in private personal training. He/she is CPR certified and completely background checked. Most of all, a BACH trainer is passionate, enthusiastic, and responsible, and is consistently committed to working with you to achieve your health and fitness goals at your own pace.

How long are the sessions?

Each private training session lasts one hour and includes a private phone consultation before your first session with your personal BACH trainer.

Will my instructor come to me?

Yes. We will send a BACH trainer directly to you, wherever is most convenient to work out, whether at home, work, or a convenient meeting place in between.

What is BACH’s return policy on packages?

Packages are not refundable. We offer a wide range of packages to be able to meet your needs, from single sessions to yearlong commitments. We want to hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals so you can be the best you!

Will I be working with one instructor or multiple instructors?

Private training is as much about your fitness goals as it is about building a trusting relationship with your instructor. Our mission is to keep you with the same instructor throughout your fitness journey with BACH, but unforeseen change does occur when instructors move, raise families, and transition into other opportunities. If this does happen, we will make sure we have another amazing instructor on our team lined up for you, so you don’t miss a beat!

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