About Our Services in Los Angeles

Weight loss

Are you on the scale every day? Has your weight yo-yoed over the years? Have you tried all the fad diets and found them to be unsuccessful? Do you spend hours on the elliptical only to lose a few pounds of water weight? Are you at a plateau in your fitness? Have you heard the term “skinny fat”? We can help!

Weight loss is a common goal that our fitness professionals work with every day. We bring fun and challenging resistance training workouts to your home, office, or nearby park. When you work with BACH trainers, you also get nutritional support and lifestyle coaching. We will break down weight loss myths, create personalized programs for your weight loss goals, build muscle to increase your metabolism, and help you create healthy eating habits. We will get you off the scale every day and away from hours of cardio. We will help you build habits that are maintainable.

Strength training will not only help you lose weight, but it will help firm and tone your body. Increasing your lean muscle mass will speed up your metabolism and give you a sculpted physique. Nutrition and exercise shouldn’t feel endless and restrictive; let our experts make exercise and eating healthy enjoyable.

Firming and toning

Are you doing cardio many hours a day without seeing any results? Have you ever been called “skinny fat”? Let our fitness professionals change your body with workouts specifically designed for firming, toning, and sculpting of the muscles. Unfortunately, cardio will never be able to give you the look that resistance training will.

Resistance training doesn’t mean you are going to get bulky or get bigger. Resistance training means you are building muscles that are leaner and denser and have a sculpted look. You will see inches on your body melt away, and you will see your body shape start to change, even if the scale doesn’t. If you want to see definition in your arms, it is time to work with bands and lift some weights. If you want your backside to have more shape, we will teach you how to squat and deadlift with proper form and the appropriate weight for your fitness level.

If you already lift weights and want to see more definition in your body, let our fitness professionals design a cardio, strength, and nutrition plan that is right for you and get you to your goals.

Functional strength for seniors

Fitness is for everyone and every age. There are numerous health benefits to exercising as an older adult and our team of fitness professionals will guide you through safe and effective workouts. We work with seniors on flexibility by stretching and doing restorative yoga. We work with seniors on balance to help prevent falls. We work with seniors on building strength so that they can continue doing what they love. We work with seniors on core strength to reduce aches and pains in their hips and back. Functional exercise for seniors involves integrating aerobics, mobility, and resistance training.

We love working with seniors because exercise will help them to maintain their independence, to reduce falls and fractures to bones, can reduce high blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, help slow mental decline and dementia, improve the discomfort of arthritis, and exercise can genuinely improve the quality of life.

We will come to you and help you exercise in the comfort of your home. We will bring resistance bands and any other modality that will make your workout perfect for you and your level of fitness.

Pre/post-natal programs

Many of the women we work with are pregnant or are six months out from giving birth. Exercise is essential for strength during labor, and to have a faster recovery afterwards. Many new mothers want to quickly be back in their pre-baby bodies. Many new mothers also never have anytime for themselves. If this is you, we would love to help! We will come to you, saving you time and the hassle of transportation. We will work with you for one hour and then you will still be at home and able to jump right back into mom mode!

Many women are able to continue doing the types of exercise they were doing before pregnancy, but gradually decreasing the intensity. Our team of fitness professionals will help safely guide you through an exercise program that will change as your body changes. We will make sure you are in proper form at all times, and we will not let you over train. We will also help with low back pain and calf and ankle swelling with yoga and stretching.

We will help you carve out that one hour a day for you to help you have increased energy and to feel your best during and after pregnancy!

Functional strength training

Functional strength training works by asking your body and muscles to work in a way that they do in everyday tasks. Functional training prepares your body to perform well in a variety of common situations. Our fitness professionals develop exercises specific to you which allow you to execute the activities of daily life easily and without injuries. By training in this fashion, we will get you walking evenly, standing taller with improved posture, and squatting deeper because of proper hip mobility. Our fitness professionals will strengthen your core by power, strength, and stabilization exercises.

We will help you to feel symmetrical after injuries that caused compensations and imbalances. Our approach to functional training creates greater muscle memory, can be low impact when working with injuries and preventing injuries, helps with joint pains, increases mobility and coordination, improves balance, and improves posture.

Try out one of our functional training programs with a BACH personal trainer and see how much better you feel. Let your inner athlete out and heal any injuries. See your body change with different movement patterns and challenge your balance with different modalities.

Interval training

Do you find yourself always doing steady state cardio? Do you spend hours on the elliptical, treadmill, or stair climber and see no results? Do you find it tough to get out of your comfort zone? We get it, and we can coach you through interval training that’s right for your level of fitness.

Interval training involves a series of high and low intensity periods. The high intensity periods get your heart rate up and is sure to burn fat and decrease your body fat percent. The low intensity involves a period of rest and active recovery, which is equally as important in interval training.

When you work with BACH, one of our trainers will come to your house and put you through the paces in less time and produce more results. We will introduce you to body weight intervals, or we will challenge you with high intensity interval training, depending on your fitness level. You will look and feel better and have a BACH fitness professional by your side motivating you to push a little more and to get out of your comfort zone.

Strength & conditioning

Do you want to lose weight, get stronger, and be more flexible? Do you often workout in extremes and then burn out? Do you find yourself only lifting weights in the same movement patterns and not doing any cardio? OR do you only do cardio and neglect strength training? Let our team of fitness professionals create a strength and conditioning program to get you to your goals.

Many people try to do too many things at once, or get stuck in the same routine for years. We will create a dynamic strength and conditioning program that cycles with you as you progress. Expect to get in the best shape of your life. Your endurance, power, strength, and flexibility will improve. We will incorporate many different modalities in your training program, and we can bring these all to you home. Expect to be challenged with intervals and to feel more mobile after doing dynamic warm ups and assisted stretching at the end of your session. We will make sure you are always in proper form and never over train. Reach those goals you have!

Body sculpting

Looking to increase your muscle tone? Our trainers can help. Whether you are planning on entering a competition or just want to get stronger, a BACH trainer will take your fitness levels and goals into consideration while helping you every step of the way.

Sport-specific strength & conditioning

We work with athletes and non-athletes who are focused on improving their performance in a skill or sport. When training to improve strength and conditioning, we focus on two main goals: improving performance and reducing injuries. Our fitness professionals will prescribe a program specific to the skill or sport you are seeking to improve in and your workouts will always be safe and appropriate to your fitness and skill level.

We improve performance by working on speed, strength, and power. This includes teaching proper lifting techniques, supervising and motivating you as you work out, and assessing performance before, during, and after the program. Conditioning programs will vary depending on the cycle the program is in and the season the sport or skill is performed in.

We can do all of this at your home, office, or nearby park. In your strength and conditioning workouts, we will emphasize varied high-intensity functional movement. We will work to improve your cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, maximizing your performance and fitness for any physical activity or skill.

To help reduce any injuries, we focus on strengthening body parts that are prone to injury in the particular sport or skill. Improvements in agility, power, and speed are only beneficial if you are healthy and injury-free.

Core and stability work

The core generally refers to your abdominal muscles, but did you know this term also includes the muscles that run up the back and stretch down to the glutes and the front and inner thighs? This group of muscles is where much of the body’s strength comes from; you use them to kick a ball, lift a heavy box, and even stand up straight.

We work your core in every session, whether you are interested in resistance training, pilates, or yoga. We want to prevent injuries that may occur from day to day activities by keeping the core strong and flexible. These muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body. Keeping the body’s stabilizer muscles strong will improve an athlete’s performance and help people in day to day life. Bending, reaching, and twisting are movements we do every day.

Indicators that the core muscles are weak are lower back pain or a protruding waistline. With a strong core you will drastically improve your posture and help give you more strength in other exercises like running.

Let our trainers show you challenging exercises for your core to help you reach your physique goals and to relieve any lower back pain.

Balance improvement

As our body changes and as we age, our center of gravity changes too. Have you ever been concerned about an older adult in your life being a little too wobbly and potentially falling? Have you yourself noticed that one side of your body is drastically different from the other side? Are you an athlete or a dancer that wants to finesse your skills and have more body control?

Our fitness professionals work with many people on discovering a better sense of balance in their body by using different modalities, such as stability balls and bosu balls. We work with older adults who start with exercises as simple as standing on one leg, to dancers who can do single-leg plyometric exercises.

With seniors, it is particularly important to work on balance to prevent falls and potential injuries. Balance work involves getting stronger in many large muscle groups, most importantly throughout the core, to stabilize the body while they walk up and down stairs, sit and stand, and get up and lie down. Let our fitness professionals strengthen your body through balance and let that balance translate to other areas of your life.

Stretching and Physical Therapy

Do you stretch or is this neglected in your workout? Stretching might be the most natural movement for the human body, yet because of many people’s lifestyles, it tends to be inconvenient and avoided. Stretching is an activity that you can and should do every day. We are here to show you different stretching routines specific to the tightnesses or injuries in your body, and provide hands-on stretching during our sessions. Stretching is so important that we even offer a monthly complimentary stretch session with some of our packages.

Stretching will improve oxygen flow throughout the body, will increase your mobility, and help to break apart scar tissue. Different kinds of stretches should be performed before and after a workout. We always include a dynamic warm up in our sessions to prepare your body for the workout. At the end of our sessions, we always provide a cool down and an assisted stretch when needed.

We offer private yoga to facilitate workouts that blend strength and flexibility. We also offer yoga therapy where we utilize foundational yoga movements to heal aches, pains, and injuries.

Many of our trainers have worked in physical therapy offices and offer rehabilitation sessions that also will involve assisted stretching to get you to full range of motion.

Strengthening for running/Running preparation

Have you ever wanted to run a 5k? Do you run marathons or trail runs? Wherever you are in your running journey, we can help. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced runner, our team of fitness professionals will create personalized cardio and strength training programs to meet your goals.

When training for running or races, part of our programs includes strength training and cross training that is specific to runners. Cross training may involve interval training, HIIT, or other forms of cardio that have lower impact on the joints. Running can create many imbalances and injuries from tight muscles or lack of posterior chain strength. We focus heavily on activating the glute muscles, core, and postural muscles. We also teach how to use a foam roller for myofascial release of the IT band, piriformis, TFL, quadriceps, and more.

We also can add yoga into your program at any time to loosen the hips, hip flexors, quadriceps, and calves. Our yoga instructors can also instruct on proper breathing that will drastically help improve running speed and endurance. We will get you off the treadmill and outside running at parks, on the streets, hills, trails, and competing in races if that is your goal! Running can be fun with the right motivation and strength training.

Mud run and Spartan Race training

Races and mud runs require a lot of preparation, outside of developing endurance to run the distance of the course. Have you run a 5k before and are now interested in longer races? Are you contemplating a triathlon? Do you want to run your first Spartan Race or drastically improve from your last mud run? We would love to get you to the next level!

Obstacle course races require endurance and strength. Our fitness professionals will create a program for you that combines strength and conditioning to prepare you for the course. You could expect to jump rope, do plyometric box jumps, burpees, boxing, battle ropes, and resistance exercises. We will build your lower and upper body strength, and focus heavily on building core strength. Interval training and HIIT training will also be a part of your program. Don’t worry, we will meet you where your fitness level is at and improve from there.

Cross training exercises will be important to protect your joints and to prevent injuries. We will make sure you aren’t over training, so that when race day comes you feel the best you ever have.

Injury rehabilitation

Unfortunately, injuries happen to active and even mostly sedentary people. Those minor aches and pains you put up with all day? We can fix them! Your sore low back is probably due to tightness and weakness in your core, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Hurt your shoulder doing CrossFit? We can help to rehab it. Tore your knee? We’ve done that and rehabbed many clients’ knees back to full, unrestricted movement and function.

We speak with our clients’ doctors and physical therapists to help execute rehab plans for diagnosed injuries. We can also help you to diagnose pain that is minor, but that is bothering you.

Our service is much more convenient than having to travel to your physical therapist during your workday. We will see you before or after work.

Strengthening for skiing/Ski preparation

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the great joys of winter. We’ve all heard of or seen people walking around town on crutches after the mountain gets the best of them. Don’t be that person.

It takes a lot of strength to get down a mountain. Let us help you get your muscles and joints ready for the extreme force that going down a mountain at a high rate of speed puts on your body. You can’t be just a runner or a weekend warrior and be safe on a ski hill. It’s more than that. Power, endurance, balance, and flexibility will be our focus as we simulate the output that will be required of you whether you’re ready or not on the mountain.

Strengthening for winter sports/Winter sports prep

Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are some of the great joys of winter. We’ve all heard of or see people walking around town on crutches after the mountain gets the best of them. Don’t be that person.

It takes a lot of strength to get up or down a mountain. Let us help you get your muscles and joints ready for the extreme force that going down a mountain at a high rate of speed puts on your body. You can’t be just a runner or a weekend warrior and be safe on a ski hill. It’s more than that. We’ll focus on power, endurance, balance, and flexibility as we simulate the output that will be required of you on the mountain.

Strengthening for mountain climbing / Mountain climbing prep

Have you always wanted to take on a big hike or climb up a mountain? What better way to get out of the office than to spend a weekend in nature’s fresh air. Going steeply uphill can be intimidating and challenging. Let us teach you how to strengthen your feet, calves, ankles, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and core so that you can safely and powerfully take on challenging terrain. Endurance is definitely key, but so is strength.

Workouts incorporating pilates, barre method, and yoga

Personal training isn’t only lifting weights. Many of our instructors have a background in Pilates, Barre Method, and/or yoga. Strengthening your core and learning how to properly stabilize your core while performing movement and fighting gravity are key components of Pilates that translate to all other forms of fitness, sports and throughout your life. Many of our personal trainers are versed in yoga and we have yoga instructors on our team. A key element to feeling good is being flexible in our hips and shoulders. Many of us are seated for large majorities of the day. We have to take care to unwind these bad positions and yoga can be a key exercise modality for doing so. Yoga focuses on flexibility as well as balance and strength.