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Let us know your goals and we will design a custom workout and fitness plan for you.


Let us know your goals and we will design a custom workout and fitness plan for you.


Wherever you live, one of our trainers will bring your workout to you.

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BACH manages a roster of experts across three wellness categories: Private Training, Yoga, Pilates. Each expert is nationally accredited in their field, elite athletes, and most have earned higher education degrees. Each
BACH expert will motivate you to be your best.

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Raised in NYC

New York City

If it has ever taken you three hours to mail a package, check out at a grocery store and take a local train less than two miles, then you’ve probably lived in New York City. Convenient place to live? Most definitely. Most convenient place to get around? Not all the time. That’s why our trainers are stationed throughout all five boroughs, ready to bring the workout to you, where and when it works best with your schedule and unique lifestyle.

Born in LA

Los Angeles

You stay right where you are. We owe special thanks to Waze and podcasts. Let us navigate traffic while you sip coffee and breathe. We have pro trainers deployed throughout the city, ready to bring the workout to you, where and when it works best with your schedule and lifestyle.

Grew Up in SF

San Francisco

San Francisco has got it all. A great city, a coast, a bay, hiking–and do you get out and enjoy it? BACH experts will create a specialized workout for your home, or preferred location, whenever you have the time. On a sunny day, you can workout in Golden Gate or any nearby park. On a cold windy day, you can workout at home. You say when and where, and BACH will be there.

We offer personal training services tailored to you and your goals. Our certified trainers will come to your door or wherever works best for you. We use an integrative approach to health and fitness to consider the whole person and achieve the results that are most important to you.


Personal Trainers in New York City

The fitness industry in New York is booming. There are more than 24 newly established
fitness centers or gyms that were established in New York last 2016. Many people are
starting to work out and lead a healthier lifestyle. A lot of individuals are trying out new
forms or training and exercise, and this is a significant contribution to the market.
New York is a busy city, and seeking the help of a professional during your fitness
journey can really help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. A personal trainer
can motivate you, help you maximize your time at the gym, avoid injury and see
noticeable results.
With this, you should know how to select the right person that can help you set the right
goals so that you can have attainable results. It is important to do your part in choosing
a personal trainer, and that means research. Bebach has a list of the best personal
trainers in New York. Clients need explore so that they can find the perfect fitness
coach. It’s important to consider a lot of things. Here are some qualities you should look
for in your quest of choosing a personal trainer:

The Best Personal Trainers

1. Patience and Trustworthiness

Patience and honesty are important qualities you should look for. Achieving your fitness
goals is not easy, and patience will help in maintaining a good client and trainer relationship.
Personal trainers should consider your needs and perform a proper assessment of your
body. Personal trainers should also be honest and transparent to their clients. A good and
reliable trainer will be with you every step of the way.

2. Excellent Communication Skills.

Your personal trainer should be good at communicating with you. You should be aware of
the technicalities of your work out, and they should be able to explain the implications of
your nutrition, and how your body works. During the times where they cannot be with you
during training, they should know how to give clear instructions on what you should do. It
would be also be good if they encourage feedback. They should also give their best in
making you feel comfortable so that you can tell them honestly if you are having a difficult
time or when you have the impression that you are not making progress.

3. Professionalism

Although you might develop friendships with them, a good personal trainer will still do their
job professionally. There should be a level of professionalism that needs to be maintained.
This means that sessions should not be compromised because of chitchat. Fees and
charges should also remain fair.

4. Educated and Well-trained.

Although personal trainers can have a great resume and credentials, you should also look
at their credibility based on their education and the trainings that they have received.
Personal trainers may have to pass necessary tests and accreditations. Many personal
trainers have covered exercise physiology, functional anatomy and weight management.
Nonetheless, great personal trainers should still be updated on the recent trends in fitness
and newly published research on scientific journals. They should continue to improve
themselves both physical and mentally.

5. Personality

As a client, you have to be confortable and you need to be able to trust your personal
trainer. Personal trainers should be understanding and ready to listen. They should be able
to balance these traits and still be able to guide and make you succeed in your workout
routine and program.
Affordable Services
Having a personal trainer will give you your own fitness plan. It will also allow you to
have your own sessions that are carefully designed. Personal trainers can do the
following for you:
Consider your goals and ability level
Guide you
Correct your form
Prepare you for an upcoming event
Provide help according to your needs
Flexible when it comes to schedule and location