Mind Body Psychology

By: Erika Straub

Published: Sep 25, 2018

Is there something you know would make a big difference for your health that you’re just not doing? Or, are you doing everything you’ve been told to do, and still not getting the results you want?

Have you lost weight and gained it back more times than you can count? Do you obsess about food? Do you feel guilt about the food you eat? Do you feel shame about your body when you look in the mirror? Do you rely on food every time you feel uncomfortable? Do you fight your appetite? Do you feel unmotivated to move your body? Do you push your body hard with exercise and never get the results you want? Do you have health issues that cause you to feel perpetually overwhelmed? Do you hate your body or body fat? Are you postponing your happiness until you have the perfect body?

If any of these questions relate to your personal struggle than Mind Body Psychology is for you.